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Local Insights

Sooligan is a mobile app for students, entrepreneurs, and travelers. Use Sooligan to provide your thoughts, share your experiences, and unashamedly voice your opinions...as they occur! Posts on Sooligan are relative to your immediate location. It’s the best, fastest, and most productive way to do social media.

Enhance City Life

Stay informed in real-time about the endless opportunities, activities, and possibilities around you. Make daily decisions faster with Sooligan. Find the coolest events and hangouts. Avoid traffic and long lines. Know what the current culture and local sentiments of any campus or city is BEFORE you get there.


Locals always know BEST. On Sooligan, you can easily broadcast questions to locals in any city, and receive answers to your questions within seconds. Have friendly debates with your local community. Take a survey of people in Paris, France if you want to. Our technology makes it easy to reach someone in any city in the world.